Asset Builders

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July 28 - August 8

Youth Finance Day Camp

Gateway Technical College

Kenosha, WI


August 11-22

Youth Finance Day Camp

Gateway Technical College

Racine, WI


August 16                                    

14th Annual

Madison Money Conference

Wright Middle School

1717 Fish Hatchery Road

Madison, WI


November, 2014                         

10th Annual Racine/Kenosha

Money Conference

Gateway Technical College

Racine, WI


12th Annual Appleton/Fox Cities

Money Conference

Fox Valley Technical College

Appleton, WI


Racine/Kenosha Finance &

Investment Challenge Bowl

Regional Tournament

Gateway Technical College

Racine, WI


*See Programs/Cities for complete    schedules for 2014-15

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Our mission is to design and implement wealth building strategies that enhance the quality of  life and self- determination of low and moderate income youth, families and communities.

We accomplish our mission through a combination of innovative fun programs and value- added collaboration with organizations that share our vision.  

We currently conducts programs in Appleton/Fox Cities, Beloit, Kenosha, Madison,  Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Racine, Rhinelander/North Woods, Menominee Reservation & Wausau and have earned the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy Award three times including in  2007, 2008 & 2012.

“I took your advice and found a few ways to trim my expenses. Now the money I save with one fewer hair appointments is invested each month, so my daughter will have a better future.”

- Beloit PREP Attendee

“My students had a lot of fun at this year’s Challenge Bowl and they realized how much they really learned about personal finance.  The event is great!”  

- Educator, Oshkosh North HS

“Thanks so much for all you do to promote financial literacy. I get to see every day how vital it is that we actually TEACH it to our students.”

- FICB Participating Educator

“Definitely attending!  Count us in!!  My dilemma is how many teams to bring.  I have two Personal Finance Honors classes this quarter, which would amount to 15 teams.  We look forward to bringing home the regional trophy again!"

- FICB Participating Educator

“The information I received attending the Money Conference convinced me it was time to stop renting and buy my first home, and that’s just what I did.”

- Milwaukee Money Conference Attendee

“I’m so grateful that you took the time to come to our school and teach us about saving and investing. With what I know now I’m going to make investing in the stock market a priority when I’m old enough. Thank you Asset Builders.”

- Milwaukee Youth Power Student

“I witnessed a life-changing experience for two Hispanic, poverty-stricken students….after all, society expects Hispanic males to drop out of high school and work in low-paying jobs. The students were victorious and took first place in the Challenge Bowl and are now outstanding students at UW-Madison. They learned from the Bowl to compete and WIN!”

- Business Teacher, Milwaukee South Division HS

“I never had a chance to thank you on Tuesday for again creating such an exciting and fun learning environment for my students.  Yesterday we had many discussions about the tournament and questions and students are already asking how they can be involved for next year!!!  In addition, I really appreciate the time you took to write the editorial in the State Journal last week.  I plan to use that in our next parent newsletter as well as relaying the results of the Financial Challenge Bowl.  This, keeping my fingers crossed, should really get parents/students excited about what we are doing!!! (1/10/13)

- Business Teacher, Madison West HS

“I just wanted to re-iterate again what a wonderful time our students had at this event. Not only did they have fun, they also learned a lot on the questions they didn't know. It sparked some great conversations at lunch, on the bus ride home and today about the stock market and other topics. I really appreciate your flexibility with timing and also fitting in that extra consolation round for my students who won two games but were eliminated because they didn't have a high score. They had a lot of fun with that last round, and went home with more of a feeling of closure by having one of them win.”

- Business Teacher, Madison East HS

Marc Perry, left, of Community Action Inc. of Rock and Walworth Counties, and Richard Entenmann of Asset Builders of America pose with Governor Scott Walker after receiving the Governor’s Financial Literacy Award on behalf of the Medical College of Wisconsin in a ceremony at the Capitol on Feb. 26, 2014.

Students crowd the staircase at Edgewood College’s Predolin Hall after competing in the Madison Finance & Investment Bowl Regional Tournament.

Bob Wynn discusses strategies for implementing personal finance instruction to the PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program) representatives from agencies in Milwaukee, Racine & Beloit.

Alan Prahl, with FISC (a non-profit program of Goodwill) discusses credit maintenance strategies with attendees of the Appleton/Fox Cities Money Conference.




If you have some money to invest in stocks, but you're worried you're late to the party now that both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index have hit new highs, Burton Malkiel, the renowned economist and author of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street," has this advice:

Invest it, but not all at once. Ease it into the market over time in equal installments at regular intervals—monthly or quarterly, say.

The technique is known as dollar-cost averaging, and it's essentially what you do when you invest a set part of your paycheck every pay period via a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan.