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2017 Asset Builders Programs

Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl®  

Fun, informative and exciting, the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl (FICB) is an interactive educational game designed to help promote financial literacy and awareness among youth.

Using a quiz show format, the game challenges high school students and tests their knowledge about personal finance, business, economics and current events.  In the spirit of competition, the game features teams of students who face off against one another, gradually eliminating each other, with the final two teams playing for “the Cup” and bragging rights in their respective regions.

Challenge Bowls are currently held in Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse (New), Madison, Milwaukee, Racine/Kenosha, Rhinelander, Wausau, and the Menominee Reservation. Regional winners are then invited to compete in the state finals competition which establishes the annual statewide champion.

Asset Builders has established excellent collaborations with the school districts in all of the participating jurisdictions which help to market and host the competition.  Students, teachers and school administrators have all expressed enthusiastic support for the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl because the game-like format makes the subject matter fun and relevant for the students to learn.

The statewide competition is geared toward the high school level, however Milwaukee hosts a middle school as well as high school competition.  

For additional information visit Asset Builder’s website:

Youth P.O.W.E.R.™  Academy of Finance  / Teen Money Camp  

This is an intensive economic education program that can be customized to meet the needs of the targeted clientele. The Youth POWER curriculum emphasizes investment education, entrepreneurship, academic achievement and the development of one’s human capital. The program typically incorporates a stock market simulation and frequent presentations by university professors, entrepreneurs & representatives of financial institutions.  

Asset Builders of America, Inc. hosts the Youth Power Academy of Finance annually as a two-week summer day camp for middle and high school students at Edgewood College in Madison and a 3-day Teen Money “Boot Camp” at Gateway Technical College in Racine and Kenosha and at College of the Menominee Nation in Keshena.

The Youth POWER Academy of Finance is funded as a pre-college program of the Department of Public Instruction.

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)  

PREP is a unique collaborative fusion of health and wealth education aimed at youth and urban community residents.  This innovative initiative is a response to the ample data which documents the inextricable link between one’s health and wealth status.  Wealthier people are generally healthier than less wealthy people.  Conversely, healthier people have the ability to earn more wealth because of their better health.  

Through a multi-year federally funded grant, the Medical College of Wisconsin, in collaboration with several community based non-profits, are providing crucial health, wellness and financial education to the youth of Milwaukee, Racine and Beloit.  This ground breaking inter-agency initiative, known as “PREP” (Personal Responsibility Education Program), educates urban youth about healthy choices, responsible behaviors, and financial literacy.

Asset Builders provides the financial education component of PREP through a series of dynamic and exciting wealth and health conferences that teach topics such as credit, budgeting, saving and investing.  All of the conferences’ financial content is customized to comport with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Financial Literacy Learning Standards.  PREP also encourages the participants to appreciate wellness, develop responsible relationships and make healthy choices.

In its first year of the program, Asset Builders provided financial literacy training to the staff of ten different agencies.  In addition, Asset Builders and its partners reached over 900 PREP youth in three cities.  The program will impact the lives of thousands over the course of the multi-year project.

See the 2016 PREP Report

The Millionaires’ Club™  

The Millionaires Club® is an intensive economic education program designed to accelerate the economic knowledge of middle and high school students.  The club meetings are held at regular times during the school year and the sessions provide in depth education in the areas of financial basics, human capital development, investing, entrepreneurship and post-secondary planning.

Features of the Millionaires Club includes:

The Millionaires Club, in collaboration with the BEAM Charter School, has helped two club members gain admittance into prep schools where they received valuable four-year scholarships. These individuals’ lives are truly changed forever thanks to their participation in the Club.


Visit the Go4It! Webpage here

The Money Conference™  

Asset Builders’ Money Conference is a full-day financial education conference for youth and families. The conference features national speakers and up to twenty-five separate workshops.

Workshop sessions discuss a variety of financial matters including first time home buying, the importance of good credit, budgeting, identity theft, and so on.  They are presented in English, Spanish and Hmong, as appropriate.  Daycare, as well as meals, are provided to all attendees.

The conference aggregates numerous public and private resources that usually develop additional financial literacy projects as a result of getting to know one another during the conference planning process.

Money Conference cities include Racine-Kenosha and Wausau. Through these conferences, Asset Builders has provided financial education to more than ten thousand youth and adults over the course of twelve years of producing these conferences.

Notable conference speakers have included author Dennis Kimbro, Ariel Funds founder John Rogers, entrepreneur Ann McNeill, Youth Investment Educators, Ionnie and Malachai McNeill, franchisee Valerie Daniels and business and former NFL player Al Toon.